NetShelter SX
Feature-rich IT enclosures optimized for cable management, power distribution, and airflow management.
NetShelter VL
Cost-effective IT enclosures with basic functionality and features.
Specialty Enclosures
IT enclosures designed for specific environments and applications Top of Form Bottom of Form
Open Frame Racks
Open racks for easy access to IT equipment and cabling.

Rack and Enclosure Accessories

Airflow Management Rack accessories to improve cooling efficiency by preventing air recirculation and reduce bypass airflow. Cable Management Comprehensive selection of accessories designed to organize power or data cables within a rack environment.
Data Distribution Cable
Pre-terminated rack to rack network cabling in various lengths.
Mounting Hardware
Mounting accessories to aid in the installation of IT equipment and secure racks into position.
Rack Components
Rack components that can be added to existing racks if requirements change.

LCD Monitors and KVM Switches

Rack LCD Consoles
1U rackmountable integrated keyboard, monitor and mouse.
KVM Switches
Manage multiple servers with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse.
Console Port Servers
Secure remote management and system recovery for servers and networking equipment.
Ethernet Switches
Support your network infrastructure with high-performance switching technology
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